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you must have books that ruin the image of your perfectly color matched home/office – or books you want to group. this is it. book jackets. we absolutely love these.
Limited Edition set featuring the work of:
Matt Cipov
R. Nick Kuszyk
Jing Wei

another sticker site
cause we are like graphics nowadays… its a sort of artistic interior-design graffiti..
so get inspired and stick something on that wall / door / ceiling that’s been starring you blank for so long..
Choose the design, choose the size, choose the color… and put it where you want... wall, furniture…

αρχιτεκτονικη διακοσμηση

we love stickers
we love graphics
we love love love Hu2 stickers
the Hu2 Vinyl Stickers are designed to be applied to any smooth surface including walls, windows & furniture! The vinyl’s are completely removable and leave no residue!¡


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